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CosmoBody FREE 10-Day Trial

CosmoBody FREE Trial Offer

We Present to You a CosmoBody FREE Trial Offer from CosmoBody

Try CosmoBody FREE for 10 Days!

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This CosmoBody FREE trial for 10 days gives you 100% access to all CosmoBody workouts and bonus food and drink recipes. There is absolutely no committment and you can easily cancel anytime. Sign up for free by clicking the link below.

Short Workouts. Fast Results. Try CosmoBody FREE for 10 days!

What is CosmoBody?

CosmoBody is the latest innovation in fitness which is guaranteed to get you fit. CosmoBody features hundreds of online cardio, yoga, and strength workout videos. Their workouts are designed and led by celebrity fitness trainers. With an ample supply of workouts, there’s always a workout to fit your schedule. There’s no need to spend hours sweating it out at the gym when you can utilize a CosmoBody workout.

All of CosmoBodyXCHARXs workouts are between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. They are available online anytime on any device such as iPhone, iPad, Roku, Android, etc. If you choose to stick with CosmoBody after the 10 day free trial, CosmoBody costs less than 33 cents a day and new workouts are added daily so youXCHARXll never get bored or hit another fitness plateau.

Cosmobody Trial

2016 Update: CosmoBody’s video membership program ended on December 21, 2015. CosmoBody videos will soon be available for free on YouTube in 2016. If you have questions concerning the future of Cosmobody, you can email them at Kana kudana 1-212-649-2318.

If you are interested in additional workouts for your phone or tablet, make sure to check out Beachbody On Demand. The link below will let you sign up for a FREE 30-Day trial

Beachbody On Demand

51 pfungwa iri "CosmoBody FREE 10-Day Trial"

  1. beatrice castillo anoti:

    How do i cancel cosmobody trial

    1. Admin anoti:

      To cancel your Cosmobody account, log in to CosmoBody and click on the gear in the upper right corner. Select ‘Payment Info,’ then ‘Cancel my subscription.

      1. Katelyn T. anoti:

        There is no “gear” icon, or any other icons on this app. The only thing you can click on is “Start Free Trial” “Logout” or the videos. I’m trying to cancel my subscription. This is a scam. Please help!

        1. Admin anoti:

          Have you tried canceling on the Cosmobody desktop site?

          1. dombo shora anoti:

            I have been trying but no one calls back and it is not any info on how to do so!

        2. Chelsi anoti:

          Same thing is happening to me!

      2. Jeanalyn anoti:

        Cancel cosmobody subcription

        1. Jeanalyn anoti:

          Pls Cancel my cosmobody , I don’t want to charged

      3. Robert anoti:

        I want to cancel my membership. I thought i did but now im getting charged i wpuld like to cancel my account but cant even find the log in

      4. Virgil turley anoti:

        Call 1 800 267-8028 That is how I canceled mine Hope this helps

        1. Jessica anoti:

          Did this work for you? Did they cancel it completely?

      5. Vince anoti:

        There’s no way I see to cancel this crap

      6. Lisa anoti:

        Hi i m lisa , and they charged 7:99 £ from account without any email update , i want my refund back and dont want this stupid app

      7. I can’t log in this is a joke please get this canceled now I have emailed customer service several time and it says the address is in valid get this done ASAP or I will be contacting an attorney for taking money out of my account when I have tried time and time again to cancel this subscription

    2. PD anoti:

      How do you login to cosmobody I am registered but I see no login on the home page

    3. kilia anoti:

      I need to know how to cancel my subscription

    4. Danielle anoti:

      You have to search “cosmobody login” on a computer and then the gear will show up in the upper right corner once you log in. Then you will be able to cancel.

    5. Jay anoti:

      Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to manage subscriptions
      From the Home screen, tap App Store.
      Tap Featured from the menu at the bottom.
      Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap your Apple ID. If you don’t see your Apple ID, tap Sign In and enter your information. Then tap your Apple ID.
      Tap View Apple ID.
      If prompted, enter your password and tap OK.
      On the Account Settings screen, scroll down and tap Manage App Subscriptions.
      Tap the subscription you want to manage, then choose a subscription category.
      Use the options to manage your subscription. You can choose a different subscription period, or turn off Auto-Renewal.
      Subscription renewal options.
      Use your computer to manage subscriptions
      Open iTunes.
      If you’re not signed in, go to Store > Sign In and enter your information.
      Go to Store > View Account. If prompted, enter your password and then click View Account.
      On the Account Information page, scroll to the Settings section.
      Click Manage to the right of Subscriptions.
      Purchase history
      Choose the subscription you want to manage.
      Use the options to manage your subscription. You can choose a different subscription period, or turn off Auto-Renewal.
      Options to manage selected subscription.

      1. vherevheti anoti:

        they just charged me $9.95 I want my refund back

    6. Sherry Blackwell anoti:

      I did not want this I called the same day and cancelled I need my money back in the bank

    7. Christina anoti:

      Unsubcribe cosmo body

      1. Admin anoti:

        You have to contact Cosmobody’s customer support in order to cancel your membership

    8. Nelcy anoti:

      itXCHARXs crazy!! i cancel my membership before 10 days and I STILL GOT CHARGED!!!

    9. Virgil turley anoti:

      Call 1 800 267 8028

  2. PD anoti:

    How do I login to cosmobody

  3. PD anoti:

    How do I login to Cosmo body

  4. Britt anoti:

    I also cannot cancel this and I want to ASAP before I get charged. Please help. On the app there is no possibility of cancelling nor a number to call. The desktop site is distorted and I try to log in and it takes me to the original page. Try to get a new password….same thing. SCAM!!!

    1. Admin anoti:

      Here’s some cancellation information from Cosmobody:

      If you’ve signed up for CosmoBody via their internet site, you can log on to your CosmoBody account and click the gear icon. After that select payment info and go to cancel my subscription.

      If you have signed up for CosmoBody via an Apple in-app purchase, you need to cancel your subscription through Apple.

      If you’ve signed up for CosmoBody via Roku in-app purchase, you need to cancel through Roku.

      If you have signed up for CosmoBody via Amazon Fire TV in-app purchase, you must cancel through Amazon.

      If you have any further questions about canceling your subscription, please email customer service at

      1. Julia anoti:

        This is ridiculous…i cancelled and still just got a charge taken out of my number to call??funny

  5. dombo shora anoti:

    How do I get my money back from negative fees when I tried canceling membership it would ntvlet me now I have a lot of negative fees want my money back NOW!!!

  6. dombo shora anoti:

    Have negative feesbc of y’all tried canceling u assholes wouldn’t let me want my money back NOW!!

  7. Julia anoti:

    I did cancel my subscription and im still being charged..never again cosmo

  8. Lucy anoti:

    When they sent me a free 30 day trial offer to my email, they including this address at the bottom And they have responded to me from it. It’s a very snidy thing to do, not including access to your account on the app or any iPad/iPhone safari. I titled the email ‘My payment isn’t going through and I want to subscribe’ as companies always answer your emails when they want something from you (if you ever want to get through to somewhere, say you’re thinking of leaving or you want to start a contract etc).

  9. Sara anoti:

    There is a phone number that they have but no one picks up. ItXCHARXs (212) 649-2318. IXCHARXm in the same boat. IXCHARXve emailed them several times telling them to cancel my membership before the 10 days and they donXCHARXt respond. By the sounds of it, IXCHARXm sure I will be charged. Good luck!

  10. Deanna anoti:

    Why when I cancel is my card information still on your site? Why when I refresh the page does the cancel subscription button think I haven’t cancelled?

    1. Brigitte anoti:

      Have you gotten an email from them? I cancelled my subscription the same day I started it and I got an email confirming my cancellation. In it, it says you will continue to have access to your account until the end of your 10 day free trial or the current billing period. That could be whatXCHARXs happening, although my 10 day free trial isnXCHARXt over yet so hopefully itXCHARXs not a scam!

      1. Tracy anoti:

        Same for me. I signed on and clicked the gear at the top right of the page. I went under payment and clicked cancel. I just signed up today as well and it showsI am cancelled but still showed my CC information! Hope it worked before I get charged!

      2. Ashari anoti:

        Hi Brigitte, I saw that you posted this comment awhile ago. I was wondering if when your free trial was over did you get charged? I have the same problem I cancelled the day I signed up, which was yesterday, but I’m still able to log in, my CC info is still on the site. I really don’t want to be charged, and I emailed them a few minutes ago explaining my predicament. Please get back to me ASAP, and enjoy your day.

  11. Sakeena anoti:

    I’m so disappointed, I now read and see how difficult it is to cancel this free trial. I have a family and can not afford to have unnecessary money coming out of my account. SMH, will find a way to file a complaint!

  12. I cancelled my subscription and you guys still charged 9.95 the cosmobody dose not even have number to call i send an email and they have not reply back

  13. Marissa W anoti:

    I’m suing cosmo and so should you you’ll have a great case/lawsuit on these people

  14. Alex anoti:

    I feel a group lawsuit coming on.

  15. Amy anoti:

    Wow. I wish I would have seen all these comments prior to signing up. I’m having same issues!

    1. Sunshine anoti:

      I also have the same issue!!! I can’t cancel!!! We should sue!!! This is unbelievable. Scam!!! Never going to buy Cosmo ever even the local Cosmo we have!!!

  16. jason anoti:

    I am having the same problem. I was suppose to get a 10 day free trial and the ten days isnXCHARXt even up yet and they have taken 9.95 out of my account twice. And itXCHARXs impossible to get ahold of someone. They will b hearing from my lawyer.

  17. vherevheti anoti:

    login into your account and click on the icon in the upper right hand corner and it will take you to your payment info and you can cancel from there. I canceled my membership. they sent me an email saying I canceled

  18. crimsonfilly anoti:

    So glad I saw this before I signed up.

  19. B anoti:

    Call this number to cancel:
    (800) 267-8028

  20. brenda anoti:

    When you call 800-267-8028, you will get a recording that will ask you to leave a message and they will call you back. If you stay on the phone, eventually a cust service rep will answer and cancel your subscription. I waited 15 minutes, but at least I got my XCHARXfree trialXCHARX canceled.

  21. Dina anoti:

    I called (212) 649-2318 explained that I wanted to cancel my subscription forgot password to login when requested to reset password the link that was sent just brought me back to home page, customer representative stated that you CANXCHARXT cancel on line anyway (glad I called) took all of 10 min and my free trial has been canceled.

  22. Sake anoti:

    I just got off phone with a representative to cancel Call 1 800 267-8028. It only found this from one of the replies wanted to return the favor

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